Grid Filter

Grid Type

This filter set coordinate grid on the scene as an object.
Types of grid are as follows.




Spherical (not implemented yet)

Note: You can translate, rotate, and scale the grid on timeline editer. However, coodinate tags do not follow these manipulation for now.

Show Coordinate

When corrdinate checkbox is checked, the coordinates of corners (or radii) are displayed.

The font and colour of these tags can be configured in View Anvanced Setting.

Known problems: The font is bitmap prepared in GLUT and not scalable. When buffer size if large as 2048x2048, the characters may be too small. This should be improved in future. Also coodinate does not work correctly in fish-eye rendering mode.

Text Input

You can input coordinate by text directly, instead of Min/Max/Num style.

Comma, "," is delimiter for independent coordinates.

0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3 for circle.

To draw grid repeatedly, use following format.

Min - increment - max

connected by hyphen.

-1 - 0.05- 1 for cartesian.

inserted by FC2 system