Zindaiji 4 ver 0.66


Zindaiji 4 is a visualization application for particle/volume data, successor of Zindaiji3 and Oosawa
Zindaiji is named after a location name near NAOJ mitaka campus.

Zindaiji 4 uses OpenGL and its Shader Language. To use PCs with fast graphic board is recommended. Old PCs with OpenGL version 1.5 or before would not work. OpenGL ver 3.0 or later is recommended.
Many functions may not work on Intel CPU Graphics. As for 3D Graphics, AMD APU looks better choice, at least for now.


2017/04/01 ver0.32
2017/06/05 ver0.34
2017/08/25 ver0.36
2018/04/13 ver0.40
2018/05/10 ver0.42
2018/07/20 ver0.45
2018/09/28 ver0.47
2018/11/23 ver0.50
2019/04/03 ver0.52
2019/04/05 ver0.521
2019/04/26 ver0.525
2019/08/09 ver0.55
2019/10/28 ver0.58
2019/10/31 ver0.581
2020/05/20 ver0.60
2020/08/06 ver0.62
2021/12/01 ver0.65
2021/10/26 ver0.66


version 0.65



Decompress the downloaded file and set the entire folder to any folder under your control. Since some configure files are saved at the folder in which the executable files are set, do not set them to a folder where you have limited permittions, such as system folder.
Zindaiji 4 does not touch the registry, so that you can uninstall by simply removing the entire folder.

Linux version requires installation of wxWidget-gtk and Lua In Ubuntu, these libraries can be installed via synaptic.


About comipilation from source codes.


Compile for Linux (Ubuntu)

Compile for Windows


1. User Interface

[Panel Layout] [Ribbon UI] [Buttons]

1.1 Preference

[Mouse] [Performance] [OpenGL] [shortcut]

1.2 Rendering / Output Image(s)

2. Objects

[Primitive] [Light] [Camera] [Mesh]
[Text] [Grid] [Empty] [World]

2.1 Data

[Volume] [isosurface]
[Particle] [Streamline] [Heightfield]

3 Material

[Material for object] [Material for Volume]
[Material for Particle] [Material for Streamline] [Material for Heightfield]

4. Editors

[3DView] [Timeline] [Graph Editor] [Color Curve Editor]
[Outliner] [Property] [Text Editor] [Terminal]

4.1 Filters

[Depth Buffer][Exposure] [Blur] [Glare]
[FocalBlur] [Remove Alpha] [Overlay]
[SSAO] [Legend]

4.2 Modifiers

[Tracking] [Array Copy] [Trimming]
[Texture Space Modifier] [Sequence Remap]

[Volume Mask] [Volume Coordinate] [Nested Volume]

[Particle Boolean] [Particle Filtering] [Particle Tweak]
[Apparent Size Modifier] [Particle Size Modifier]

4.3 Process

[VolumeBoolean] [VolumeDownsizing]
[ParticleDownsizsing] [Particle Exclude]
[Particle Merge] [StreamlineFiltering]

4.4 Data Format

[Format for Particle] [Format for Volume]

5. Interpolation

6. Miscellaneous

[Clear Cache]

7. API Reference

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