Release Note

Release History

2017/04/27 ver1.08
Defalut insert key mode. Show/Hide time-independent items. Some optimizations for shadow volume. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/10/31 ver1.07
Improved BG Filter. Several Minor Improvements. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/8/08 ver1.06
Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/5/08 ver1.05
Auto completion in scripting. Use wxWidgets 3.0. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/4/04 ver1.04
Smooth Clip. Full spherical viewings. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/2/29 ver1.03
Shadow from sticks. Numerical input for object transform. Output .exr Format. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2016/1/28 ver1.02
Improved graph editor. Transparent Shadow. Boolean works on Sticks. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/12/28 ver1.01
Improved graph editor. Jittering. Information filter. Contemporal snapshot. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/11/09 ver1.00
External position file. Improved format edit for HDF5. PDC Reader. Downsizing by ID. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/08/24 ver0.995
Locus Filter. Markers on Timeline. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/07/09 ver0.99
Simultaneous Billboard and Sphere or Objects. Analytics Filter. Replace texture of objects. Refer table files from LUA script. Irregular sequence file. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/06/08 ver0.985
Optimization for polygon shadow. Improved shader for points. Multithreading in data modification. Expression for alpha. Several bug Fix. Code cleaning.
2015/04/27 ver0.98
Area Light in preview. Array Order in data format. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2015/04/06 ver0.975
Snap Modifier. Box Cullibng. Improved Graph Editor. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2015/03/23 ver0.97
VBO for points. Gamma correction for ensemble. Shadow volume from mesh. Graph Editor. Culling for copybox. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2015/02/25 ver0.96
Ensemble averaging. Stochastic Transparency. Focal Blur. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2015/02/04 ver0.95
Memo panel. Custom Shader. Parent-Child relation. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2015/01/07 ver0.94
Reinforce Copy and Paste. Bit reduction. Double type and half float type. Some optimazation. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/12/11 ver0.93
Faster rendering. Point sprite by geometry shader. Dither. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/11/15 ver0.92
Periofic Filter.Logging. Read .gz file. Reduce memory usage. Scripting in color curve. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/10/29 ver0.91
Text editor improved. Normal map. Faster Fisheye. Text list. Text input for Grid. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/09/18 ver0.90
Improving expression. Multiple objects. Re-sorting. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/07/24 ver0.89
Expanding expression targets. Progress bar. Object Pseudo-Sphere, and Pseudo-Object. Edge-Shading. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/06/20 ver0.88
Improve wavefront .obj file reader. Introducing expressions for some features. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/05/19 ver0.87
Output RGBA or Depth Buffer. Add gas shader. Texture setting for particles. Improve wavefront .obj file reader. Several bug fix. Code cleaning.
2014/04/24 ver0.86
Shortcut editor. Congiguration of sequence file. Improve in grammer editor. Innertial gyration. Several bug fix.
2014/03/25 ver0.85
Read HDF5. Deflate TOKI Compression. Quad-Buffering. Copy and Paste of color. Several bug fix.
2014/03/16 ver0.84
Limitter at loading. Sticks recieve shadow. Shortcut list. File read with multi thread. Bug fix.
2014/02/04 ver0.83a
Bug fix.
2014/02/04 ver0.83
Text Object. Rotation handle. Auto Abort. Several bug fixes. Code clean up.
2014/01/08 ver0.82
Focal Blur for Pov-Ray. Initial number for sequential output. Several bug fixes. Code clean up.
2013/12/16 ver0.81
Multi-threadize Stick Filter. BG Filter. Shearing Copy Box. Several bug fixes.
2013/11/25 ver0.80
Some improve for Stick Filter. Refinement of color curve editor. Font size management. Several bug fixes.
2013/11/12 ver0.79
Fasten Fish Eye. (Re)support for XP. Rendering Type. Several bug fixes.
2013/10/05 ver0.78
Stick Filter. Parallel sort. Severali bug fixes.
2013/08/24 ver0.76
Import Polygon Object. Export Pov-Ray Scene file. Several bug fixes.
2013/07/05 ver0.74
CopyBoxFilter. Texture Editor. Several bug fixes.
2013/03/13 ver0.72
Improve in Grid. Dependency of color. Filtering Filter. Several bug fixes.
2012/12/30 ver0.70
Time Remap. Grid Filter. Several bug fixes.
2012/11/12 ver0.68
Fog Filter. Improved GUI buttons. Shy buttons. Sorting by ID. Several bug fixes.
2012/10/13 ver0.66
Adding DataBox Filter and Object Filter. Improve time display. Several bug fixes.
2012/09/14 ver0.64
Information panel. Improve in Color Curve Editor. Taking log10 at data loading. Time Line for Filters. Several bug fixes.
2012/08/27 ver0.62
Extra panel. Filter improvement. Data box filter. Some minor speed up. Several bug fixes.
2012/08/06 ver0.60
Boolean filter. Grabbing Items (Scaling). Several bug fixes.
2012/07/19 ver0.58
Some speeding up. Supporting Periodic Boundary. Several bug fixes.
2012/07/06 ver0.56
Panorama Mode. Combination of Fisheye and Stereogram. Time dependency icon. Several bug fixes.
2012/06/25 ver0.54
Stereogram mode. Several bug fixes.
2012/05/31 ver0.52
Grabbing Items (Rotation). Motion Blur. Several bug fixes.
2012/05/15 ver0.50
Grabbing Items (Translation). Data adjustment when reading. Improvement in Numrical Input Dialog. Several bug fixes.
2012/04/24 ver0.48
Bug fix. Minor improvement on Camera and View Config.
2012/04/22 ver0.47
Light Source Editor. Multiple Shadowing. Improvement of Time Line Editor. Sevreal bug fixes.
2012/04/04 ver0.45
Rendering with Shader. Shadowing. Sevreal bug fixes.
2012/03/17 ver0.42
Color and Exposure setting. Refactoring about Image Saving. Sevreal bug fixes.
2012/02/27 ver0.40
Some speeding up. Color curve dependency. Color Template. Overlay Legend. Sevreal bug fixes.
2012/02/13 ver0.37
Improvement of Color Curve Editor. Add Format Editor at Data Loader Dialog. Data Export. Several bug fixes.
2012/01/31 ver0.35
Color Curve Editor, a minor improvement in prefetch, and several bug fixes.
2012/01/18 ver0.32
Orthographic View, Interpolation by ID, BG Color, Static Link(MacOSX), and several bug fixes.
2012/01/15 ver0.30
First release.

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