Zindaiji 3 Gallary

Large scale structure and first star formation

Data: Naoki Yoshida, Shingo Hirano (Tokyo Univ.j(OpenGL)

This movie was made for DIAGRAM OF OUR UNIVERSE ONLINE.

From Blender Particle System Cache File

The movie is based on a fake spiral galaxy model made by blender particle system. Zindaiji3 read its cache file and redered the data. (OpenGL + Retouch)

This movie was used for press release for ALMA telescope.

A Galxxy like Milkyway

Data: Junichi Baba, Tokyo Institute of Technology (OpenGL)

Giant Impact

Data, Visualize: Miki Nakajima, California Institute of Technology (OpenGL)


Data: Kyoko Tanaka, Hokkaido University (PovRay)

Protoplanetary Disk, (Artist's Concept)

Looking at the central star from surface of the disk. (OpenGL + Retouch)

Importing Wavefront .obj File

This is a test image for reading wavefront .obj files and rendering them on PovRay. I used 3D models published here and here. Appreciate for their generous providing. (PovRay)

inserted by FC2 system