his filter set text object like a sphere or a box.

When "Face Camera" is checked, rotation parameter would be overwrited and text would face camera.
"Cast Shadow" works only in PovRay rendering.

You can feed multi line text using text editor button.

Dependency of size in monitor can be selected (perspective, constant, and sqrt).

Text List

When you want to display many texts, you can read text file instead of setting many text filter.

The format for text list is very simple ascii.

string1 | x y z | sx sy sz
string2 | x y z | sx sy sz
string3 | x y z | sx sy sz

(sx, sy, sz are scale)

The rotation can not edit independently. The setting for the text filter is applied to all texts in list.


Povray only accepts font file ("somename.ttf or .ttc") instead of fontname. Thus, rendering text in povray is somewhat problematic. Zindaiji3 Read font list combining font name and font files. The default list is like as follows.

meiryo ui,meiryo.ttc,meiryob.ttc,,
...and so on...

You may note that default setting is definitely for Japanese users. Please edit Resource/FontList.txt for other language. If you want to use 3rd party fonts, edit FontList.txt file.
If selected font name is not found, font file in the first line would be used.

Grammer of FontList is as follows.
fontname , normal font file, bold font (negligible), italian font (negligible), bold-italic font (negligible)

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