This filter copies data along arbitrary direction (array 0, 1, 2). By default, Arraies are set along x, y, z-axes. You can edit the difference of locations of copied data with Periodic Boundary dialog. (suitable for non-cubic crystal data, for example).

This image shows a sigle particle at thr origin copied (3x3x3=27) times.

Box Culling

If box culling is on, copy boxies outside of the view frustum would be culled away. Some increse of rendering can be expected.

Note that the calculation for judging inside of outside view is done with boundary size.
Thus, data with particles beyond bounday box would not work well.


You can handle positions of copied data with expression.
See the documentation of Lua for the grammer of expression.

For example, shearing box can be achieved as follows.

return true, nx, ny+nx*nt, nz

Note that scaling of copy depends on periodic boundary size.
If the first returned value is false, that copy would be skipped.

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