Light Source Editor

This dialog allows you to configure light sources. In Zindaiji3, you can set up to 7 light sources.

The direction of light is represented by slashed line from the light source.

You can select active light source with icon selector. Use [+] and [-] buttons for adding and deleting the light source.

You can select the type of the light source by a combobox. Fading is not defined for parallel light.

The shadow is implemented only for parallel light, so that the point light with shadow works inconsistently for now.

Spot light.

When target is Defined, direction of light is calculated from relative position of light source and target. If so, the rotation parameters would be ignored.

Parameters for position and direction of the light. The direction of light is determined by the Roatate parameters.
These parameters can edited with Time Line Editor, so that moving light sources can be set.

Note that Rotation parameter is meaningless for point light, while Translate parameter is meaningless for parallel light.

This parameter determines the strength of the light. Currently the color of light is set to be white and colored light is not implemented.

When checked, and Shadow Volume mode is on, the light cast shadow.
Only shadowing for parallel light is implemented for now.

Multiple light sources with shadow casting are implemented, but rendering time increases with the number of shadows.

Parallel or point light casts hard edged shadow. While area light casts shadow with soft envelope.
You can show soft shadow even in preview mode using Ensemble averaging.

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