Graph Editor

You can see the increase or decrease of parameter graphically and handle key frame in Graph Editor.
The paramter linked to the graph editor is switched synchronously to that selected on Timeline Editor.

Horizontal axis is normalized time, where scene length is remapped to 0 to 1.
You can set the range of y-axis by several ways. Numerical input on right panel, by dragging y-axis legend, by mouse-wheel or by panning (Shift + Ctrl + left mouse button).

Snaps key frames to each time step. When linking is enabled, all xyz keys would be selected when individual one is selected.
By selecting key with ctrl button pushed invert this behavior temporarily. By opening right-click menu on keyframe, you can open numerical imput dialog similar to that on Timeline editor.

Auto Scale

Y-axis range would be zoomed up and down by Plus and Minus buttons.

Range of y axis is rescaled wheb Rescale button is pressed.
When AUTO is validated, y axis scale would rescaled automatically.


In velocity mode, the graph shows the velocity in terms of normalized time.
During velocity mode, each key can not moved horizontally (along time). It can moved only vertically.

If interpolation type of keyframe is linear or auto ermite, the velocity is automatically defined from the key frame positions.
Thus, these key frame can not edited by hand.
Velocity editing is enable only for keyframe of semiauto or manual interpolation type.

Note, for now, the selection of interpolation type can be done only on timeline editor. Can not handle it from graph editor.

Control Limitation

By the buttons on left side, you can limit the control of each elements.
Use these buttons if graph is overlapped and it is difficult to control each element.

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