Expression Editor

Zindaiji3 adopts Lua as expression language. See Documentations for Lua for details of Lua.

Predefined Variables are defined automatically. Return value is what the expression should return.
Return value may be a scalar value (e.g. particle type) or 3 dimensional vector (e.g. position or rotational angle).

To obtain particle information 1

You can call predefined functions for particle information or positions of camera.

C.GetObjectInfo(arg1, arg2, arg3)
calls predefined C-function in Zindaiji3, and it returns values according to arguments (strings or variable).

Valid arguments are registered in buttons. (Some starndard functions like trigonometrics are also registered.)

In the example in the top image, position of particle i is set to variables x,y and z. Then, particle type is classified according to the variables.

To obtain particle information 2

Since above function call is too much length, short functions is prepared.

C.GetDataPosition(i): returns x,y,z of i-th particle
C.GetDataVelocity(i): returns vx,vy,vz of i-th particle
and so on.


Simple search engine is implemented. Input word and click seach icon for searching.


Simple auto completion is implemented (Ctrl-Space). If multiple candidates exist, list of them would be shown.
Only completion for reserved words is implemented.

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