Loading PDC file

PDC file is cache file of Maya particle system.
Several data can be read by Zindaiji3.
Note that internal data format is different, and Zindaiji 3 is not for complex rendering like Maya.

It may be effective when you want rather simple rendering with speed.

Format of PDC

To read HDF5, set Datatype to Maya PDC. You can also check format before reading data actually by "Check PDC File" button. The structure of data would be shown in attribute and data structure panels.

Header must have meta data (particle number and attribute number). Assumed format version is 1.

Type of attributes are checked by names. In default state, names are connected by tags in following table. Three-dimensional data like positions are assumed Vector Array, other data are assumed Double Array.

acceleration1/2 acceleration
jerk1/6 jerk
dradiuserivative value of radi
massVALUE1 (aritrary physical value)
dmassderivative value of VALUE1

About acceleration and jerk In normal mode, these vectors are calculated from position and velocity. But you can set these parameter directly. Please set interpolation to No Iterpolate. Otherwise, these parameters will be overwritten in interpolation process.
You must give acceletration and jerk with factor (1/2) and (1/6). With factor, we slightyly reduce calculation in Taylor expansion process position + velocity x dt + (1/2) accelelation x dt x dt + (1/6) jerk x dt x dt x dt.

About interpolation of radi and VALUE1 As for radi and VALUE1, the first order interpolation is inplemented. i.e., value + Derivative value x dt.

About procision Most of data in PDC is in double. However, Zindaiji3 is basically float based. Thus, about half of data would be discared. I recommend to make smaller data file by export for large data.

Changing tag names

The tags connected to data can be changed.

For example, if you want SpriteScaleXPP as tag for radius, select that data and call "Connect as radius" from right click menu.

Sequential PDC files

Sequencial index of PDC files are base on 6000 fps. If animation is 30fps, the interval of sequence would be 200.
Thus, you would be have to define sequential inverval in Sequence Tab.

Also, number of digits is not fixed in PDC file sequence. Thus, you sould input sequence tag %d in selector. (In default. number of digits is automatically calculated like 0001 -> %04d.)

Well, 6000 fps is somewhat surprising. Perhaps it is common multiple of 30fps 24fps 25fps etc.

Open File Sequence

After checking data strucure by "Check PDC File", Open file sequence as usual.

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