Loading .bphys file

bphys file is cache file of blender particle system. Zindaiji3 can partially read it with proper setting.
bphys file would be maked by checking Disk Cache and bake particle system.

In blender rendering particles are rendered like other objects. Thus, large numbered system is heavy.
Rendering it on Zindaiji3 may be effective when you want rather simple rendering with speed.

Format of .bphys

bphys file is binary file with header and body, somewhat similar to default Zindiji3 format. However, Zindaiji3 can not handle rotational information. Following way is valid only for rotationless system.

Data in rotation less .bphys file is as following. Unnecessary data are skipped. as dummy.

There are 20 bytes data in header and skip it.
The body is based on float and integer precision. ID, xyz, and other 12 byte data (velocity?).
In linear intepolation mode, velocity can be skipped.

Filename would be SceneID_Sequential(6 digits.)_particleSystemID.bphys, and last digits are not sequential index.
Thus you must input filename manually like as SceneID_%06d_00.bphys.

The first .bphys file is not particle data (I guess some data about generation and death of particles.) Thus, you can skip or simply delete that file.

This animation is made from .bphys files with above method.

inserted by FC2 system