You can configure the format of data exportion in Data Exporter Dialog.

Select the type of the data, Binary or Text(Ascii), and order of array. Please see the Data Loadaer for details

When you start "Export Data" Button, it export particle data in the working area as sequential file.
Exporting particle data works somewhat like image sequence rendering. The filename is determined according to the rule similar to the "printf" format in C language. i.e. data%04d.bin makes images named as data0000.bin, data0001.bin, data0002.bin and so on. If "%d" tag is not found, "%04d" will be inserted before the extention.

A value at "Initial Sequence" determines the initial number of the sequence. Calc. Auto button set the number due to working area.

You can save data as compressed format if you name the file with extention .gz.

You can edit the order of variables such as "X Y Z" or "RADIUS" with the Format Editor, like Data Loader Dialog.

The items are able to move by drag & drop. Using right-mouse-button menu, you can delete or insert items.
Dummy items are for skipping unnesessary data.

The "Default" button at the left-bottom side makes the list to be the default order.

You can load grammer file, or synchronize grammer to that in Data Loader Dialog. You can save data as double type or half float type instead of float type. Note that data itseld stored in Zindaiji3 is float type.
Saving data as half float type is good for file size reduction, (if that type has enough resolution of visualization).

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